Day3: aNet A8 3D printer assembly Part3.

I completed the final assembly and wiring last night, probably another 2 hours total build time.  Turned it on and had immediate issues with one of the z steppers not moving properly.  A bit of googling and all I needed to do was turn up the current, via a tiny pot on the controller board.

I also printed a chain to take the cabling for the hot bed.  Not the best print from my other printer, but it works well.

Next upgrade has to be the z stop adjustment as it’s useless.  Basically you have to unscrew and move the switch to set the build plate height. Ie no fine adjustment.  Just printing this replacement on my other printer.

This is it printing on my OrdBot, which is about 3 times the speed of the aNet A8 at the moment anyhow.